Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) in Orange County, CA

Are you hosting your company’s private information on an on-site server? If so, you are one of the majority of businesses that are not properly protecting their client’s information, and are more likely to experience a ransomware attack that could render your network helpless. 

Buzz Computers currently offers an advanced security service that focuses on protecting your company’s information as well as protecting your clients. 

Our Infrastructure As a Service offering not only covers hardware setup and management, but also covers the hosting transfer from a physical server at your business, to a virtual location that is protected and monitored 24/7 by highly secure facilities. By utilizing Cloud-Based Servers, your business will not only save time and money, but will also notice an increased network speed/efficiency, and will utilize the newest Cloud-Server Technology available for no extra cost. This helps insure that your network is always up to date and properly protected. Protect your business and clientele today, Contact Us. 

Network Design and Implementation

  • Almost all of the successful businesses of today are run over a system of highly organized computer networks. A well planned network architecture and communication system is crucial for a productive work environment.
  • Buzz Computers handles all types of networking projects, from creating new computer networks to networking equipment you already have. We make sure your computers and devices can talk to each other, and speak the same language.
  • We have a team of experts who can implement cabling projects, and advanced networking systems and wireless networks. Having a reliable team of experts means your computer network is configured right the first time.

Connecting Multiple Locations

If you have more than one office location, it is important to have every one of your employees on the same page. We can connect multiple locations together to ensure your team is working together.?

Working From Home

By utilizing Buzz Computer’s Secure Cloud-Based Servers, your employees can login and complete work from a remote location with the peace of mind that they are working on a secure network.

Why Is It Important To Have an IT Professional Design and Implement Your Computer System?

  • When running a company, many decisions you make rely on two factors: hiring a highly qualified professional to take over the project, or trying to do it with in-house talent. The consequences of either side can be dire if the project does not come to fruition as planned, but when it comes to your computer system, cutting corners is simply not worth the risk.
  • There are several reasons why it is critical to spend the extra money to have an IT professional design the way that your computer’s network is set up, and just as importantly, to implement that design themselves. First of all, there are few things that a business depends more than their computers. It houses every piece of information about their proprietary process, employee records, and customer records. Secondly, the actual work of doing business gets done on computers. They need to be operating at top efficiency all the time.
  • If there is anything that is worth “splurging” on and spending the higher price tag to get the top talent, it is certainly the lifeblood of your business—your computer network!